The Menu Labeling Requirement is
Now Federal Law in All 50 States!
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More than just a hot issue with customers and restaurant executives alike, menu labeling is now required under federal law in all 50 states. Restaurant operators can’t avoid it. Customers demand it but they don’t buy healthy dishes unless they taste great. What is an executive chef or restaurant marketing executive going to do? Now you can meet the new labeling requirements with dishes that are nutritious and delicious the fast, easy and affordable way. Contact Restaurant Dietitian™ today.

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Simplify your Job. Let Restaurant Dietitian
Take Work Off Your Plate.

Our eyes are always focused on your bottom line. We advise you on things that can save you money and increase customer satisfaction that you may have never thought of or were unable to implement. Our proven four-step process is the key to delivering outstanding results:
Step 1:  Calculate
We calculate the nutrition content for each of your menu items and their sub recipes. With a complete nutrition analysis, you discover what's in each dish and the results often surprise even the most informed professional.
Step 2:  Interpret
We interpret the nutrition analysis and evaluate ingredient integrity. If you have specific goals such as heart healthy, low calorie, all natural, gluten-free, or organic, for example, we'll make sure your menu complies with your claims.
Step 3:  Modify
We work with you to modify recipes so they meet your targeted guidelines and claims. Best of all, we maintain your quality and taste profiles. Your signature dishes will still be as mouth-wateringly delicious as you intended.
Step 4:  Communicate
We work with your marketing department to publish your menu and also with your in-house staff for any necessary training they may need. We can also show you ways to communicate with your customers via social media to promote your menu and concept.

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Top 7 Reasons
Why You Need
Restaurant Dietitian
Less on your plate. Executive chefs and marketing managers have enough to do already. Our services take a tremendous amount of work off your plate while providing the results you need at an affordable cost.
Legislative mandates are a huge hassle. Yet, we live for the challenge at Restaurant Dietitian and know the requirements. We advise you on how to comply and turn adversity to advantage.
Lower your overhead cost and reduce management headaches. You could go to the added expense of purchasing sophisticated computer software and using testing labs, plus the additional cost of hiring, training, and managing staff to meet your compliance requirements. Or, solve the entire problem with one call to Restaurant Dietitian.
Save time with a low-maintenance vendor. Restaurant Dietitian can work hands-off and independently, or under direction. You chose your preferred way to work. We'll deliver what you order.
Benefit from the power of three. Combined experience in clinical nutrition, culinary training and food service management means we understand your objectives, goals and operational challenges.
Simplify your production. Identifying nutritional content and recommending recipe modifications are only the beginning. As expert problem solvers, we have the food production expertise to help you streamline healthy dish production in your kitchen.
One-stop nutrition shop. As your Nutrition Concierge™ we'll expedite all nutrition-related jobs and make yours worry free. In addition to menu labeling, we offer front and back of the house staff training, create customer promotions, workshops, seminars and much more. Everything you need is in one convenient place. Sound interesting? Call us now.
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